Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club selected the following young men and women to join RHKYC Team Agiplast, the Club’s challenge for the Youth America’s Cup 2020-2021. 

The permanent crew consists of two male and two female sailors. The extended crew will consist of one male and one female sailor. The AC9F is expected to be a great physical challenge and physical attributes will play a key role in the success of the top teams. 

Coached by Head Coach Chris Rashley permanent crew must be will dedicate 100% of their time to the campaign from 15 June 2020 to the end of April 2021 inclusive. The team will train extensively in the AC9F in New Zealand and in China, and with the Waszp dinghies at Middle Island in Hong Kong and at Lake Garda, Italy.


The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club aims to partner up with another fully committed Yacht Club who are also challenging for the Youth AC. This will enable the team to fast track the learning process and understanding of how to get the best from the AC9F and our team.