RHKYC Team Agiplast are grateful and excited to have the following partners and sponsors join them on this unprecedented journey towards not only glory at the Youth America’s Cup but also in the legacy and environmental pathways that are also so important to the team.


Please click on each of the logos below to find out more about our current supporters.



Agiplast is a world leader in solutions for sustainable plastic compounding and regeneration since 1994. They recycle plastic in such a way that it can be re-used as new raw material for major companies for the production of their products. This goes very much in hand with educating all for using better plastics and designing new products in a way that are practical and economical to recycle after their life’s end.



If you would like to become part of the team and join Hong Kong’s first ever professional youth sailing team as then please feel free to reach out. We can offer options as varied as the oceans that surround us and embrace budgets large and small. 

As well as engagement with RHKYC Team Agiplast, the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is one of the most recognised and respected yacht clubs in the world. It has one of the largest and most active memberships of any yacht club offering a comprehensive calendar of events across multiple classes of sailing and paddle sports rights and benefits directly with the Club can be included to any package to give a wholistic sponsorship platform to help achieve the returns on investment and objectives that you desire.  


Contact: antony.phillips@rhkyc.org.hk  / nadia.cuvelier@rhkyc.org.hk