Samy Morton

An unconventional addition to the team, Samy comes to us from a swimming and rowing background. She had swum competitively for 8 years - including two years on her university Division I team - before deciding to take a gap year due to Covid. During that time, she took up rowing at the RHKYC which led to her involvement in the campaign.

Raised in Hong Kong, Samy attended Hong Kong International School and swam for various swim clubs around the island. Due to her experiences in competitive sport in Hong Kong, Samy is very invested in increasing retention of Hong Kong students in sports, thereby allowing progression to an elite level. Consequently, she has been incredibly helpful in discussions of how to further develop youth sailing not only at the RHKYC, but also in Hong Kong.

Although she only first began sailing in July of 2020, Samy brings a great enthusiasm and athleticism to the team which have rendered her an indispensable member. She has experience training and performing at an international elite level and brings the necessary work ethic to the team. She also loves to hype up her teammates and contributes to a lively, fun, productive atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing how her sailing career continues to grow!