Head Coach | Chris Rashley

Chris, an experienced international foiling coach from the United Kingdom, started sailing at the age of nine and his passion and enthusiasm for the sport has never wavered. At 16 he left school to pursue a career in sailing and in 2005 as Tornado helm was part of the British Sailing Team’s development programme. Having switched from Tornados to 49ers when the Tornados were deselected as an Olympic sailing class, in 2010 he was appointed Head 49er Coach of the Irish Olympic Team. Chris returned to the British Sailing Team in 2013 to take a role as Podium 49er FX coach during the Rio Olympic cycle. In 2016 he started sailing the Nacra 17 and once again joined the British Sailing Team in 2017.

In addition to juggling full time coaching commitments, he was also an integral part of the Exocet Moth development project working with Kevin Ellway and Simon Maguire and won four European Championships and placed five times in the top 10 at the Moth Worlds, twice finishing 2nd. Within the Moth class he has also coached Paul Goodison, Brad Funk, Victor Diaz de Leon, Dylan Fletcher and Rome Kirby, to name a few, who all went on to win or medal at major Championships.

Chris finds working with high level sailors and athletes very rewarding. His work ethos is “to train smart with the time you have, work harder than anyone else, make daily notes and keep video to track your progress”, and he says that any sailor that is selected to be part of RHKYC Team Agiplast will need to come equipped with the same mind set and have a high degree of mental toughness which is a key to success.