Sailing with Sharks

“Being on the 69F was insanely fun; it felt like I was flying! The experience I had was phenomenal and I loved every minute of it” - Rhys Stevenson

“It was my first time foiling and I will never forget it. Going double the wind speed was the most fun I've had sailing in a long time. Special thanks to RHKYC Team Agiplast for giving me this opportunity!” - Julian Hill

“It was an incredible experience to sail with RHKYC Team Agiplast on a boat unlike any I have sailed before. I really enjoyed foiling for the first time and going at incredible speed across the sea.” Tristan Surgenor

On Saturday, 5 December we had the pleasure of having the RHKYC Sharks join us for the morning. We started off in the boat park where we gave the Sharks a run-down of the 69F. We showed them all the sheets, the foils, the intricacies and mechanisms of the boat and had them see all those parts in real time. We also had some Sharks get into the boat, which was something that would come in handy for them later … After that quick demo, we went up to the briefing rooms where we had prepped a slightly more in-depth presentation. The content ranged from the diff

erent roles and responsibilities on the boat, to foiling theory and even stretched to our journey thus far as a team. The presentation concluded with a fun Kahoot quiz, and our four winners each won a rash top from a member of the team! Congratulations to our winners Thibault Minne, Charlie Robinson, Anson Hui and Tristan Surgenor and thank you to all the Sharks for joining us!

From 7 to 9 December we were able to do one of the most rewarding activities of the campaign so far and we went out sailing on the 69F with the RHKYC sharks. It was quite a tough undertaking as we had strict Covid regulations that were quite limiting, but with the help of both the Middle Island staff and some very proactive parent volunteers, we were able to make it happen. Over the course of three days we took out 33 Sharks sailors for what was surely one of the most exhilarating sailing sessions they’ve had in their careers. We had a range of abilities on-board and had almost all sailors take on the role of helm or main trimmer, with everyone getting the experience of the effort required to trim the kite. A special shout-out to Thibault Minne who even managed a foiling gybe while on-board with Calum and Nicolai. Unfortunately, we had planned to do the sessions until Friday, but the club was shut-down before everyone could get a turn. Nevertheless, we are incredibly happy with what we managed to execute and we hope that all the sailors were happy with their experience.

“Sailing with the Sharks on-board was definitely the most rewarding experience of the campaign thus far for me. Seeing future sailors experience the rush of the 69F and seeing them so excited and motivated to improve themselves as sailors is exactly what we have been striving for.” - Samy Morton, RHKYC Team Agiplast