Light Wind Day Today

As there was not enough wind for foiling we launched at around 1400hrs in what existed of the thermal breeze and practiced boat handling, particularly with the gennaker up upwind. after doing two hours of tacking and gybing every thirty seconds to a minute, we lined up with a few of our competitors to get a gauge of how our speed was and if we thought we could implement any of their techniques to improve our own sailing. After doing a few tuning runs we decided to put more focus on our downwind maneuvers and went into some gybing exercises.

The weather has done a full turnaround from the first days and looks to continue like this throughout next week. We are lucky to have 12 to 17C during the day, much to the relief of me in particular, decidedly a Pacific and European-summer sailor!

With the warmer weather we hope to see building sea breezes over the next few days and hopefully something more exciting to update you all with. Bring one tomorrow and (hopefully) foiling!

Calum Gregor 19 February 2021