Day 2, Act 2, Persico69F Revolution Cup - a most memorable race!

Not a great day in the eyes of the results board, but many positives to take out of it as a team. We only had one race today, Tuesday 18 August, as the repechage rounds needed to take place before finals day tomorrow.

After pulling the trigger a little too late on the start we were second row on the first reach. However, the wind went light towards Mark 1 which allowed us to sneak up into second.

Gybing early to get back out into the pressure in the middle of the lake put us in a strong position and we were tied for first coming into the bottom mark layline. The bottom mark (Mark 2) was in a transitional wind zone making it quite light and shifty and therefore very stressful getting the boat re-moded on the entry and exit into the mark.

After gybing round Mark 2 we managed to get a nice high lane off the Dutch Sail team and got back on the foils early. Reaching at 30kts, a metre above the water, three boat lengths to windward of another team was one of the more exiting, yet, scarier moments of our sailing careers! The wind built from 6 to 16kts as we went across the lake, leading to some ‘exciting’ moments for team as we were very high on foil lift and the rudder was ventilating quite often, not ideal when being luffed by the boat to leeward 27 to 30kts of boat speed.

Arriving at Mark 3 we had mark room on the Dutch and were in the lead! However, while dropping the kite at high speeds we lifted a little too much out of the water and crashed off the foils. This led to the kite trawling, nearly capsizing then gently bouncing off the mark, not our finest hour!

All in all, one of the more memorable races in our sailing careers and lots to take out of it. This result puts us into the repechage final and still in with a chance of winning the event. Stay tuned for tomorrow, Wednesday to see how it goes!